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hen we look to the waves, we sink. When we look to the economy, or the government, or our own abilities, we flounder. This is a daily challenge for me. There are so many things to be hopeful about, but constantly pressing against them is the barrage of bad news. So, I try to look on the bright side. I try to have a positive confession. I try!

But faith is not a feeling we muster up. Rather it is an awareness of the Faithful One.

I am convinced we will see financial abundance.

I am confident that healings and miracles will increase.

I am thrilled with every testimony of reconciliation and restoration.

And I expect more of all of this.

But when we have faith in the financial breakthrough, or the healing, or the restoration of a relationship, we so often lose sight of the Provider, the Healer, the Restorer.

Want more faith?

Want great faith?

Want overcoming faith?

Look to the author. Be anchored in the reality of who He is, and in the confidence that He is a God who will perform all He has promised.