Christian Fellowship Center - Qualicum Beach, BC.

Good News


hrough the course of a week, all of us encounter or even have significant interaction with people who wrestle with the plague of hopelessness. A dead-end job, superficial relationships, elusive dreams, financial stress, addictive behaviours all contribute to a sense of futility – of being a number in a sea of numbers – of having no real purpose -- of being insignificant.

Everyone wants to have purpose. To belong. To be seen as special.

Join a handful of men on a barren hillside a few thousand years ago. Gathered together for safety and to take the edge off their seclusion from society, misery makes good company. Shepherds in those times were a despised lot, viewed from a distance with suspicion. I don’t imagine this gathering sharing happy thoughts about their hopes for the future. It’s not likely that they would consider God had any time for them. It’s unimaginable that they would expect to be the messengers of the greatest news of all time. Were they in for a surprise!

Into their insignificant lives came a company of angels with a message for them to deliver! Why would the Creator of the universe send them as ambassadors? Who would believe their story? Who would even meet with them? No media outlet would hunt them down. So why?

The answer is in the message they received. “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For there is born to you this day a Saviour who is Christ the lord.”

Who was the message for? ALL THE PEOPLE. No one, regardless of status, background, or age, was left out. No one was outside of the reach of God’s love.

Hope is knowing someone cares for me, that I haven’t been forgotten. Hope is knowing it’s not too late!

To all of us, God sends a message. Young and old, rich and poor, no matter how seemingly hopeless your life, this message is for you: “I bring you good news…there is a Saviour, Christ the Lord.” He is the bringer of hope.