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For the Display of His Splendor

splendor 2



or the display of His Splendor!

This phrase has been reverberating lately.
It comes out of Isaiah 61 following the amazing prophecy of the healing and freedom and restoration that Jesus would bring.
I am a recipient of that restoration. Good news has come to me. I have been reconciled to God.
So what does it mean then to “display His splendor?”
It seems that there are clues in the phrases immediately before this. The prophet says that when the freedom and healing comes that the Anointed One proclaims, then my life will be marked by beauty, joy, and praise.
In the places of my life where I would get sucked in to mourning…
…. In the places where it seems like there is just a pile of ashes, the residue of disappointments, failures, broken relationships…..the Presence of the Anointed One brings beauty.
…. In the places where negativity and cynicism want to take hold….the Presence of the Anointed One brings joy.
…. In the places where discouragement, despair, and depression want to weigh me down in a spirit of heaviness….the Presence of the Anointed One reminds me to praise Him for the victory.
When I cultivate and keep a greater hunger for His Presence, the things of God and a move of His Spirit, I more clearly reflect Him. I bring honour to Him. I display His splendor.
So let us consecrate ourselves anew and ask the Lord for fresh oil (Ps. 92:10). Let us seek God as we never have before so that we can experience His power and grace in our midst. And we will reveal His glory and display his splendor. What a calling! What a privilege! What a promise!