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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Plan - The Problem - The Plan Brian Robertson 2022-10-16
Giving Thanks Leah Robertson 2022-10-09
Who Am I? Brian Robertson 2022-10-02
Love, Prophecy, and the Heart of the Father Josh Hoffert 2022-09-25
Positioning in the Pain Brian Robertson 2022-09-04
We offer; He multiplies Susan McLean 2022-08-28
Roots and Fruit Leah Robertson 2022-08-14
Rooted in the Truth Brian Robertson 2022-08-07
Know the Truth Tammy Roy 2022-07-31
Rooted in Love Brian Robertson 2022-07-24
Seed and Soil Leah Robertson 2022-07-17
Forgiveness Special Guest 2022-07-10
Power to Live Brian Robertson 2022-06-19
Tuning to His Presence Brian Robertson 2022-05-29
Trees and Rivers Brian Robertson 2022-05-22
People-Care Jason Goertzen 2022-05-15
Transformed Transformers Brian Robertson 2022-05-08
Nudges from Heaven Greg and Tammy Roy 2022-05-01
Wholeness in the Cross Brian Robertson 2022-04-24
The Love of the Cross Brian Robertson 2022-04-17