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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Light of His Presence Brian Robertson 2021-07-25
Tale of Two Brothers Leah Robertson 2021-07-11
Worship Brian Robertson 2021-07-04
Contending for the Prophetic Promises Brian Robertson 2021-06-27
A Legacy of Love Brian Robertson 2021-06-21
Legacy Brian Robertson 2021-06-13
Light Bearers Sarah Garland 2021-06-06
Partnership and Process Leah Robertson 2021-05-30
Power for Living Brian Robertson 2021-05-23
Carriers of JOY Jason Goertzen 2021-05-16
The Heart of the Gospel Larry & Carol Kozuback 2021-05-09
What Do You See? Brian Robertson 2021-05-02
Don't Forget... Leah Robertson 2021-04-25
His Story: My Story Leah Robertson 2021-04-04
Worship in the Wild Sarah Garland 2021-03-28
Living in the New Brian Robertson 2021-03-21
What's Simmering in the Pot? Tammy Roy 2021-03-14
The Last Word Brian Robertson 2021-03-07
The Secret Place (Rob Parker) Rob and Fran Parker 2021-02-28
Freedom on the Inside Brian Robertson 2021-02-21