Our Leadership

Our Leadership


brian and leah picBrian & Leah Robertson 

Brian and Leah love to see the Body experience more of the love of Jesus as time is spent in His Presence.

Brian's primary responsibilities include the equipping and training of the C.F.C. Body, working with key leaders in developing church vision and direction, preaching and teaching and general oversight of the various groups in the church. Brian and Leah have functioned as a team in this Pastoral role since coming to CFC in 1994 They have five grown children and a growing heritage of grandchildren.





The Elders are spiritually mature believers within the congregation recognized by the Pastor and Eldership for their role in teaching and equipping the saints.


The Deacons are spiritually mature believers responsible to the eldership and recognized for their dedication to the ministry of service within the Church.

Corporate Leadership Team

In addition to the above individuals, leaders of the small groups and other ministries of the church are part of a larger corporate leadership team. This team functions in a shepherding role within the congregation and meets regularly for training, accountability and encouragement.



Meghan Robertson & Derek Isbister ~ Children & Youth Ministry

Sarah Robertson ~ Worship Team Leader

Cheryl Bergen ~ Office Administrator

Derek Isbister ~ Custodian