RedLeaf Prayer

We are so pleased to partner with Sara Maynard and the RedLeaf Prayer Team! sarabiopic1a_09
We have had the pleasure of having Sara join with Rob Parker to do a "National School of Intercession" here at CFC. 
In January of 2011 we joined with the RedLeaf Team as well as the "Burn Team" and did a 8 hour "Burn" to bring in the new year. It was an amazing time of worship and Intercession for our Island!

Check out Sara's new book 'The Prayer of All Prayers' - Finding Life and Revival inthe Lord's Prayer on the RedLeaf website
   This is a link to their site, giving lots of information about Prayer Events happening all over the nation.

152 Days of Prayer

152 Days of Prayer


152 Days of Prayer for Canada

Join us for the 152nd Anniversary of the birth of Canada this year by praying for 152 Days for this nation as we come to the Federal Election Oct 21, 2019

We have a 24 hour sign up clock so you may commit to a time of prayer for Canada everyday

We are excited for these corporate times to press into the Lord for the manifestation of God's will and destiny for this nation of ours

Keep coming back for more dates and times for our corporate gatherings to pray

Rob Parker has published the book 'We Have A Voice' which will be our guidebook for praying for this Nation. You can order one by clicking here 

See the week 5 video by clicking here