Goffs - Mexico


Dave & Beth Goff

Dave and Beth Goff serve 6 months of the year in San Felipe, Mexico. Their support a local church ministry there reaching locals and "snow-birds."
They are currently Pastoring a church in Pincher Creek Alberta when they are not in Mexico.
For detailed information on the Goffs  see their website: www.dgoff.com

Latest Newsletter

We greet you in the name of Jesus. In two weeks, we will be returning to San Felipe to spend another two weeks of service there. We fly from Calgary to San Diego on Monday, April 18 and will then drive a rental car for the remainder of the journey. We will then be preparing for the short term mission’s team which will arrive on Saturday, April 23.

We know this latest team will be a huge blessing as they will start the finish work inside the Breakfast diner, which was framed in by another team last fall. The team will focus on three main areas: 1-installing the electricity, 2-applying 4X8 foot sheets of foam insulation on the exterior walls (which will be stuccoed over at a later date), and 3-attaching drywall (sheet rock) onto the interior walls. The team is a small one (8 in total) but they are enthusiastically preparing. The goal is to raise a minimum of $3,000.00 for the project so please join us in prayer that this goal will be reached (and then, some!). Of course, all finances raised will go into the project. We also anticipate support from construction workers who attend the church as our experience has been they are very willing to join in the labour.

The focus of the project is to have a finished building equipped with a commercial kitchen so hungry children can be fed before they go to school in the morning. The economy remains very poor as the stagnant US economy has curtailed any investments in San Felipe where tourism construction had supplied many jobs for Mexicans. As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the church in San Felipe has raised the money to buy the commercial kitchen appliances so we anticipate these will soon be put to use once the project has had the finishing work done.

We are so grateful to those of you who have remained committed in your support of this outreach into San Felipe. Your prayers, donations, and interest have allowed us to remain actively involved in this area which we love so much. Supporting Pastor Salvador and the church has remained a great part of our vision and we are blessed we can continue supporting them as their ‘ambassadors’ to Canada!

We are, of course, continuing to solicit support for their land purchase project. To date, a final amount has not been agreed upon with the owner of the 2 hectares (4 plus acres), but we continue to believe God’s final price will be agreed upon. There is approximately $41,000 CAN in the account here in Calgary. If you feel like you’d like to help in this project with any amount, please send a donation to Project #685 –  San Felipe ‘Church Fund’. And, for those who would like to stand with us in donating to our travel fund, please send that donation to Project #277 - Dave Goff ‘Travel Fund’. Your donation is tax receiptable. The address: ACOP, 119-2340 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8M5  Phone: (403) 273-5777                                 

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Love, in Christ, Dave and Beth