Brooke Roy - YWAM Broome

YWAM Broome is in the works!


Brooke Roy is part of the Team that is going to Broome, Australia in September 2020

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Brooke, Tyler and new bride Rachel Roy are heading up as a part of a team of 10 in just a few weeks to begin establishing a YWAM Base in northern Australia.

Check back for more photos and updates as the Base evolves.

Brooke on Facebook 

You can find Brooke's Blog at Donuts Down Under

Support for Brooke

If you would like to support Brooke please go to the online donation button on the front page of the website. Send an email to the office with the designation.

Support for the Broome Base

If you would like to donate towards the establisment of the Broome Base, please call the office. 

Obviously there are many costs involved in setting up. A four wheel drive vehicle is at the top of the list as well as rental accomodations in Broome.