Small Groups

We believe it is essential for every believer to be linked with a small group of fellow believers who we can share openly with and who will encourage us, stand by us, and challenge us in the Faith.

Please contact Group Leader for Schedule during Covid 19

Bowser Homegroup 
Please call:
Joe and Penny Stephen
4595 Berbers Dr, Bowser

Mom's Group
Mondays @ 10am at CFC
Hosted by Sarah & Justine
Call Sarah 250.240.7877

Ladies Evening Fellowship
Monday at 7pm in Fireside Room
Cindy Chapman 250.752.6366
Angela Parkes 250.248.5733

Alpha Course

Tuesdays at 7pm starting Sept 22nd
Online via Zoom

Ladies Fellowship
Marilyn Poppelwell 250.954.1355
Dawn Belveal 250.248.0187
Thurs mornings 10am at CFC

Children & Youth Ministry
Meghan Robertson 228.2059
Derek Isbister 618.7334
Jr Youth -9 to 12 years
2nd & 4th Saturdays from 5 to 7pm

Divorce Care - Mondays 5:30pm
Rick & Bettina Beaven

Field Teams
Prayer for the Nation
1st and 3rd Wednesday
at the Roys 250.752.4174

Joe & Penny Stephens
Friday 2pm 

Men's Group
Thursdays @ 6:30pm at CFC
Ron Guthrie 250.752.8878

Marriage Life Group
 Sundays @ 3pm at CFC 
Larry & Carol Kozuback 250.752.3600

Creative Worship
Hosted by Michelle Manke 250.937.9403