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Clarence Janzen

Sunday March 10, 2019
Christian Fellowship Centre

 Everyone is welcome!

Equipping the Saints (General Introduction for Jr High to Adults) - 6:30pm

“Equipping the Saints” is a fast-paced presentation that combines the importance of understanding the creation/evolution issue and the foundations of Christianity that are clearly laid out in the book of Genesis.  Over the last 150 years, the authority of “The Word of God” has gradually been replaced with “The Word of Man” and this has had far-reaching implications for our churches and our youth.  This easy to understand talk (supported with many illustrations and examples of scientific evidences that support a young earth and a 6-day creation) will encourage believers and equip them to share their faith.

Christianity at a Crossroads - 7:45pm

While combining the biblical creation account with millions of years of evolution might seem like a simple solution to the creation/evolution debate in the church, the results are devastating to Scripture. This blending of ideas ultimately results in the destruction of Christianity: the Gospel, the message that Jesus, the Last Adam, died to pay for sins. Science supports Scripture, without the need to twist Scripture to make it fit science. In this eye-opening message Clarence outlines some key reasons why evolution cannot fit into the Bible and the scientific evidence that shows that it doesn't need to.

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