Our Vision

Christian Fellowship Centre, Qualicum Beach, is a fellowship of believers, denominationally unaffiliated and charismatic in expression, seeking to recognize and participate with the work of the Spirit, and working toward the unity and edification of the whole Body of Christ, locally and world-wide.

Our vision is expressed in three distinct, yet inter-locking ways:

Worship - We are called to worship our Saviour Jesus Christ fervently and intimately, presenting ourselves as living sacrifices in prayer, worship & lifestyle.

Body-life - We are committed to minister to fellow-believers, in the Body-at-large through service and training, and particularly in the context of small groups where care, ministry, prayer and study can occur on a more intimate level.

Mission - We are called to manifest the love of God through service and evangelism, first to the local community and then to the world.

Core Values 

  • Fervent and Intimate worship and prayer
  • Releasing people to minister in their giftings
  • Honour and dignity of the individual, family and community
  • Servanthood and Generosity
  • Healing for the whole person
  • Everyone as an ambassador of the Kingdom