Christian Fellowship Center - Qualicum Beach, BC.

I am Loved

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In the midst of an era of fake news, half-truths, and mixed-messages, there are some things I've become more convinced of. Things I can't fully explain. Things that I don't completely understand. Things that defy logic.

Things like peace. Deep inner peace of mind, of soul, in the midst of chaos. I'm convinced that that kind of peace is real and that I can have it.

Things like love.

Not a love that we might expect from a spouse or a long-time friend. Not a love that is earned somehow by being nice or kind or generous – or loving. A love that is undeserved. A love that I can resist or even deny but keeps being offered – and offered again.

I am loved.

Things like purpose.

I'm not here by chance or some random evolutionary process, but by design. I have a reason for living. God made me for himself – to love me.

This makes all the difference. All the difference as a husband, a father, a friend. I can live responsibly because I have meaning and design. I can live free of gripping anxiety or the need to manipulate and control because a God who sees all and knows all cares for me.   I can love, not because others love me, but because I am secure in the love of my Creator and Sustainer.

Peace and purpose and love freely given and fully experienced in Jesus Christ. Available to us all.

Of this I am convinced.