Christian Fellowship Center - Qualicum Beach, BC.

Take the Limits Off

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’m increasingly aware that I underestimate and put limits on God. Driving this morning, though, I was once again struck by the vastness of His power. The mountains and sea, the forests and pummeling rain are but a glimpse of His ability. In the words of the song, “How can I say there is no God, when all around creation calls?!” To be fair, I can’t imagine myself saying there is no God, but I do want to live more and more with the reality of who He is. The lived out reality.

As I look to 2019 what burns in me is a desire to see lives continue to change by the manifestation of that reality- the manifestation of the presence of God; a presence that saves and heals and delivers and restores and ....  

There’s nothing outside of the scope of His ability. 

As we seek Him and continually make room for His presence, we are filled with anticipation for all He will do. 

This is an invitation for all of us to join in this exciting journey of Faith.

        •Let’s together take the limits off of how we view God. 

        •Let’s together increase our estimation of what He can do. 

        •Let’s together welcome His miracles and supernatural acts of power. 

        •Let’s believe